2019.4.1 4.5 hannover exhibition

The world-famous Hannover Messe is on schedule at the heart of the public, from around the world, about 6,500 exhibitors , 215,000 Professional audiences come together to discuss the possibilities of the future. This exhibition proves that it provides an important display platform for industrial transformation technology. 
Pinxun Motor is fortunate to once again embark on this important journey, sharing a feast with our new and old customers. 
As early as three months before the show, we are carefully preparing to invite our customers to participate, provide free tickets for customer registration information, and check the route for customers to save customers time. Here, I am very grateful to the customers for coming. The booth of the honours has welcomed 20 old friends and more than 60 new friends, most of them from Europe and some from North America and Southeast Asia.
Pinxun focuses on the manufacture of high-voltage motors and continues to develop new products. This exhibition features high-voltage motors and generators to provide professional drive solutions for various industries. Although this time, there is no prototype, but it does not affect the customer's interest in the product, and the quality customers attracted by the product images displayed on the poster are endless. Not only did you have a good conversation, but also exchanged business cards, and agreed to visit the factory in China. 
The exhibition has a rich income and is an opportunity to showcase the products to the world. It is also an opportunity for peers to learn from each other. By visiting local companies, the company's demand for the European market, the development of new products, and prices. The trend has gained more understanding. More confidence in market positioning and the pursuit of high quality attitudes. Innovation is at hand, I will have it in the future, don’t forget my heart, and move forward! 
PS: The company has developed a new product in May, high-pressure submersible motor, the power can be 1400KW